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Link Building Strategies Used by SEO Experts

Link building is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy. To be ranked by Google and other search engines on results pages, all websites have to build backlinks. It is easy to receive low value and useless links. This article from true SEO experts will help you further understand what link building is and how Link Building Strategiesimportant it is to your SEO campaign.

Definition of Link Building

Link building is the method wherein high value backlinks to your website are earned from websites with high rankings. You can generate links from articles, social media, comments, advertisements, or press releases.

Why Do You Need to Build Links?

It is important for search engines that a website has high amount of quality backlinks. Links are a huge part of the algorithm used by Google and other search engines in order to establish website ranking. Backlinks from popular websites can generate a large amount of traffic to your website. If your website has lots of quality links, you will be considered as an expert on your subject matter and thus will have a good ranking on the search results.

How to Build Links

Here are some of the commonly used methods of building links:

  • Article marketing – this is quite an effective SEO tool and you can use this to establish credibility. You must write articles using keywords that are related to your website or product. If you are going to submit articles to directories, make sure that you follow the rules of the article directories so that your articles will be published.
  • Social media – it is important that you promote your website through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through these networks, you can build high quality links that generate traffic to your website. You will have a wider reach of potential customers and you can improve your search methods of building linksengine rankings if you use social media websites effectively.
  • Reciprocal links – two websites can link to each other and have reciprocal links. It is quite a good idea to create some quality reciprocal links to websites with high ranking that are related to your product or service. It is important to keep this in mind because not all webpages have the same page rank. You can obtain links by contacting the webmaster or the owner of the site you want to link to. Some websites actually have an automated process.
  • One-way links – High quality one-way links are a treasure to SEO. Search engines assign greater value to one-way links compared to reciprocal links. Guest posting on high ranking websites and popular blogs generate useful one-way links. It is important that you develop a good relationship with related websites that allow guest posts. To make sure you get maximum value, manage your links all the time and build links from reputable websites only.
  • Comments on forums or blogs – you can create links by simply commenting on forum or blog posts. Some SEO practitioners abuse this link building method and this is why lots of forums and blogs remove comments that do not provide value. To achieve great results, you have to comment on forums or blogs related to your website or product and those that allow DoFollow links.
  • Press releases – there are a lot of good things that a press release can do for your website, including awareness, one-way links, and traffic. There are some who also abuse this SEO and link building strategy, but search engines are aware of it. You must only create a press release when you have an important thing to announce or share. Make sure as well that your press release is well-written. Ideally, you must only create a maximum of four press releases in one year.
  • Social bookmarking – there are outstanding effects of social bookmarking for blogs and online businesses, including driving traffic and building valuable backlinks to your website.
  • Directories – another way to generate one-way links is to submit your website URL to various directories. However, may sure that you only submit to directories that have high page ranking.

What Not to Do

Avoid the following things when link building:link building precautions

  • Do not use link farms
  • Do not use any black hat SEO strategies
  • Do not build links from a banned website
  • Do not build links from a pornographic or gambling website
  • Do not build huge amounts of links within a short time period

To have a successful link building strategy, you should continually build high value backlinks over time. As stated by the top seo agency in their website http://www.seoexplode.com  “The more organic links you can get that link back to your site, the higher you will be ranked in the search engines.”

Your goal is to build about 10-20 links a day using different techniques. This will not take more than one hour per day and is going to be worth your time and effort. You must always keep in mind that while link building is helpful to your SEO campaign, it will take time to see results and would not place your website at the number one spot on search results pages immediately.