Link Building Strategies Used by SEO Experts

Link building is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy. To be ranked by Google and other search engines on results pages, all websites have to build backlinks. It is easy to receive low value and useless links. This article from true SEO experts will help you further understand what link building is and how Link Building Strategiesimportant it is to your SEO campaign.

Definition of Link Building

Link building is the method wherein high value backlinks to your website are earned from websites with high rankings. You can generate links from articles, social media, comments, advertisements, or press releases.

Why Do You Need to Build Links?

It is important for search engines that a website has high amount of quality backlinks. Links are a huge part of the algorithm used by Google and other search engines in order to establish website ranking. Backlinks from popular websites can generate a large amount of traffic to your website. If your website has lots of quality links, you will be considered as an expert on your subject matter and thus will have a good ranking on the search results.

How to Build Links

Here are some of the commonly used methods of building links:

  • Article marketing – this is quite an effective SEO tool and you can use this to establish credibility. You must write articles using keywords that are related to your website or product. If you are going to submit articles to directories, make sure that you follow the rules of the article directories so that your articles will be published.
  • Social media – it is important that you promote your website through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through these networks, you can build high quality links that generate traffic to your website. You will have a wider reach of potential customers and you can improve your search methods of building linksengine rankings if you use social media websites effectively.
  • Reciprocal links – two websites can link to each other and have reciprocal links. It is quite a good idea to create some quality reciprocal links to websites with high ranking that are related to your product or service. It is important to keep this in mind because not all webpages have the same page rank. You can obtain links by contacting the webmaster or the owner of the site you want to link to. Some websites actually have an automated process.
  • One-way links – High quality one-way links are a treasure to SEO. Search engines assign greater value to one-way links compared to reciprocal links. Guest posting on high ranking websites and popular blogs generate useful one-way links. It is important that you develop a good relationship with related websites that allow guest posts. To make sure you get maximum value, manage your links all the time and build links from reputable websites only.
  • Comments on forums or blogs – you can create links by simply commenting on forum or blog posts. Some SEO practitioners abuse this link building method and this is why lots of forums and blogs remove comments that do not provide value. To achieve great results, you have to comment on forums or blogs related to your website or product and those that allow DoFollow links.
  • Press releases – there are a lot of good things that a press release can do for your website, including awareness, one-way links, and traffic. There are some who also abuse this SEO and link building strategy, but search engines are aware of it. You must only create a press release when you have an important thing to announce or share. Make sure as well that your press release is well-written. Ideally, you must only create a maximum of four press releases in one year.
  • Social bookmarking – there are outstanding effects of social bookmarking for blogs and online businesses, including driving traffic and building valuable backlinks to your website.
  • Directories – another way to generate one-way links is to submit your website URL to various directories. However, may sure that you only submit to directories that have high page ranking.

What Not to Do

Avoid the following things when link building:link building precautions

  • Do not use link farms
  • Do not use any black hat SEO strategies
  • Do not build links from a banned website
  • Do not build links from a pornographic or gambling website
  • Do not build huge amounts of links within a short time period

To have a successful link building strategy, you should continually build high value backlinks over time. As stated by the top seo agency in their website  “The more organic links you can get that link back to your site, the higher you will be ranked in the search engines.”

Your goal is to build about 10-20 links a day using different techniques. This will not take more than one hour per day and is going to be worth your time and effort. You must always keep in mind that while link building is helpful to your SEO campaign, it will take time to see results and would not place your website at the number one spot on search results pages immediately.

Malaysia Promotes 1-Million Hectare Marine Park to Conserve the Environment

Perhaps, you’ve already heard about Malaysia’s one-million hectare marine park in Borneo. It’s called the Tun Mustapha that is also home to sharks and other marine species. This marine park is said to be the largest marine-protected area in the country wherein over 250 hard coral as well as more than 360 fishes exist in. And as the biggest MPA in Malaysia, it is focused on protecting the aquatic environment in order for the marine life to thrive. And on this site, we are glad to share to you the important details on how this marine park was established.

The aim in establishing Tun Mustapha is to preserve important habitats such as sea grass-beds, mangroves, and the productive fishing areas. It’s also the home to thousands of residents who rely on the aquatic resources including artisanal fishing areas as well as commercial fishery sectors. As a result, the marine park is essential in providing the entire bioregion of Coral Triangle with livelihood. In addition, the environmental protection is aimed to be balanced so that any growing coastal population within the community will also blossom.

Founding of the Tun Mustapha Marine Park

With over 13 years of strategic planning, consultation and negotiation, the Tun Mustapha Marine Park had undergone a comprehensive process just so the government can officially name it as a marine-protected park in Borneo, Malaysia. Through its complex developing action plan and sheer size, both commercial and local interests were satisfied in an economically sustainable manner. It also pioneered a mixed use approach in order to conserve marine life while the fishing industry and local communities continue to Tun Mustapha Marine Parkcatch fish within the specific zones allowed by the regulatory committee.

Through a direct consultation with the Sabah Parks NGOs and department in Malaysia including the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the local communities are able to follow the rules governing the entire bioregion. The ones who spearheaded the project have also consistently monitored the marine park jus to ensure there’s no specie being harmed. And with the help of fishery objectives, people are able to catch roughly a ton of fishes every day. Fishing is regulated to make sure that the marine ecology is not abused by the locals. Overfishing, sodium cyanide use, and blast fishing are strongly prohibited and corresponding punishments are ready to discipline any violator.

Capturing high-value reef species such as Grouper for the Live Reef Fish for Food Trade are under the certain policies to guarantee marine conservation being the ultimate goal of the marine park. We are also disheartened by the news that green turtles in the area are already endangered as well as the dugongs. According to research, 57 percent of coral reefs are in perfect condition. Thanks to a group of marine scientists together with some volunteers who worked hard to ensure that Tun Mustapha is ready for the development.

Gathering Facts for the Establishment of Marine Preservation

However, some researchers found out that there are negative impacts caused by human activities like blast fishing and overfishing. During their trip, there were exactly 15 bombs heard that produced pollution in the sea. Hence, iconic species including the turtles and sharks became conspicuously absent until now. And when megafauna like these species are missing, it will only indicate that the marine life and ecosystem is under difficulty. The data gathered by the researchers also calls for an urgent need to sustainably preserve the existing biodiversity so that damaged coral reefs and depleted fish stocks will be recovered.

Regions with minimum damage are recovered within 3 to 5 years based on the statement made by WWF Marine PreservationMalaysia. But those areas with significant damages needed longer recovery time of up to 10 years. Hence, the founding of the new marine park is targeted to increase biodiversity and conservation of the rich marine and natural environment. Moreover, the gazettement of the marine park concentrates in serving as an excellent representation and inspiration for aquatic protection within the renowned Coral Triangle and in other parts of the globe.

The mostly untapped and great potential for nature-based tourism development also urged Malaysia to pursue this project due to the excellent benefits it will provide the environment. However, our challenge today is how to consistently conserve the marine park in front of human threats such as overfishing and blast fishing.

The Impact of Carbon Footprint to Our Environment

Carbon footprints are the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted through the use of fossil fuels and other elements that are associated to the different activities of humans; these activities can be mostly seen from everyone’s daily chores to every kind of market and economic movement. Commonly, these activities involve the production and delivery of goods, household’s daily activities and individual’s use of transportation, to name a few.

Carbon Footprint to Our EnvironmentThere are methods to measure the amount of carbon footprints. Every nation, every type and intensity of economy, as well as the types of goods have the corresponding scale of carbon footprint level. Up until now, intensive studies are still ongoing in validating numerical figures and in standard calculations for the carbon footprints’ total summation. The totality requires a large amount of data from people, as well as other considerations like the presence of natural carbon dioxide in the environment.

In most parts of the world, industrialization has led its way through a much more economic progress. Since the usage of fossil fuels has become part of the traditional economy and at the same time, has become a continuous practice for the different types of businesses to gain more profit, we can’t help but still patronize it even more, leading to a wider scale of emitted greenhouse gases.

Apparently, we, as a living testimony of this environmental issue, there is one thing we are agreeing most upon: the more there is burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), the further we contribute to the carbon footprints.

The Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse is a term that is used to originally refer to a gardening system where a structure is built for the flowers and plants to grow through a regulated temperature. Majority of its uses is to trap the light coming from the Sun so that the plants will be able to get more heat energy depending on to their type and breeds. The temperature inside of a greenhouse area that is exposed to sunlight sufficiently rises than its outer area securing the plants from cold weather.

While the said structure contributes a big help in a plant’s life and in planet Earth, we have also such sameCarbon Footprint Environment version, but its effect on us is sickly and worse or even deadly; it is the so-called global warming. If we perceive greenhouse effect collectively, it would be exactly that the carbon dioxide and other gases act like a sheet that absorbs the sun’s radiation but is incapable of freeing heat into the outer space; this is one of the major causes of the drastic warming of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

The crucial part of this effect is when there is a depletion of an ozone layer. The role of ozone layer is vital that it is capable of absorbing the sun’s UV or ultraviolet radiation; this kind of radiation can potentially damage any life form. The greenhouse effect and the depletion of ozone layers are two individual factors which can certainly bring a great impact in having a deteriorated environment.

The World is in Our Hands

Our treatment towards our environment is a cycle. What we exercise reflects what this planet is going to face years from now. The more the carbon footprints are being released in the environment, the greater the effects of greenhouse will be, leading to a radical meltdown of the northern and southern glaciers. This melting of glaciers results to an increase in water levels and unusual weather phenomena, causing either extreme drought or flash floods.

By just enumerating few of the many factors in an environmental issue, it is obvious to us that we can be able to describe how our home, planet Earth, is already in bad shape. Some of the factors are naturally given, while there are factors that we can still control like doing our part in eliminating carbon footprints. We can make a great move by starting the change within ourselves. The power is in our hands in promoting advocacy and consciousness to the public and to the nation. There are better ways and ideas when it comes to our daily mobility.

Instead of using cars or public transportation, we can just opt to burn fat by walking in place of burning fuels. While our natural resources are only limited, we can still be able to make our lives sustainable by using an unlimited source of energy such as solar, wind or geothermal. In home and workplace where we commonly use electricity (from coals and fossil fuels), we are more likely to save more money if we choose to invest for the previously mentioned renewable energy sources. Through participating in tree planting, our environment could be free from air pollutants such as carbon dioxide and other harmful elements. Not only that; tree-planting can also prevent flash floods as trees have the ability to absorb gallons of water.

More and more people nowadays have already known the process of growing vegetables through containers. By doing this, we can have our meal fresh without us being involved in any transfers (transportation to be exact). After we have begun the environmental principles within our lives, we can then inspire others. If we want our advocacy to be contagious, we must take a stand and make our voice louder through expressing it in the form of writing, be it through a blog, social media site or forums.